Choose better for Nierstein and Schwabsburg: Your vote counts!

Dear citizens of Nierstein and Schwabsburg, it's that time again!

The local elections are just around the corner and we would like to emphasize why your participation in this election is so important. Every single vote can make a difference and significantly influence the future of our city. We therefore cordially invite you to exercise your right to vote on election day and play an active role in shaping our city.


But why are local elections so important in the first place?

In local elections, you elect the representatives who represent your interests at municipal level. These are the people who make decisions that have a direct impact on your daily life. Whether it is about education, transport, urban development or environmental protection - your vote will help decide the direction that Nierstein and Schwabsburg will take.


Another crucial point is the importance of each individual voice.

In some constituencies, just a few votes can make the difference and thus change the composition of the city council. So it's not just about who gets the most votes, but also that every single vote counts.


Better voting for Nierstein and Schwabsburg: Your vote and opinion count!

On the following pages, we introduce you to the individual candidates standing for election to the Nierstein town council. Each candidate brings different qualifications, experience and ideas to help move our town forward. Please take the time to inform yourself, also on our homepage with further information, in order to make an informed decision.


Local elections are an important pillar of our democratic society.

By taking part in this election, you are helping to ensure that Nierstein and Schwabsburg remain your liveable and future-oriented home. Show that you care about your home and exercise your democratic rights. We hope that you are convinced of the importance of this election and look forward to your active participation on election day.


"Let's develop Nierstein and Schwabsburg together and set the course for a successful future!"

Why is your city council election so important?

Our City Council is responsible for developing, monitoring and implementing municipal policy decisions, budgets and laws to ensure the well-being of citizens and the smooth running of the city. Here are some examples.


The city council is responsible for our kindergartens and we all know how important they are for our community. The decision to build the new Roßberg daycare center and the nature kindergarten were important decisions. But let's not forget who is at the heart of every daycare center: the teachers. They are the ones who accompany, encourage and support our children on a daily basis. These institutions play a crucial role in the early childhood education and development of our children. It is of the utmost importance that we secure funding for nursery schools and keep their facilities at a good level. This is the only way we can ensure that our children receive the best possible care and support as they take their first developmental steps outside the parental home.

The quality of kindergartens is crucial to how well our children are prepared for the challenges of school and later life.


The planning and implementation of traffic projects to improve the traffic infrastructure are not only the responsibility of the traffic committee, but also of the city council as the highest authority. This involves not only the evaluation and approval of new traffic regulations, but also measures such as possible traffic calming measures at the Nierstein market square or the installation of a traffic light system in Schwabsburg, which make a decisive contribution to traffic safety. Parking space management and parking lot management are also important topics. These tasks directly affect the mobility and quality of life of our citizens in Nierstein & Schwabsburg and therefore deserve special attention from the town council.

Housing and construction policy:

The city council can also set regulations and standards for the construction of housing for people on low incomes, age-appropriate accommodation and inclusive housing projects. It can decide on the zoning of areas to promote the integration of different forms of housing and ensure that housing is accessible to people with different needs. These decisions influence the availability of housing for socially disadvantaged groups, older people and people with disabilities, which in turn can improve social justice and the quality of life in the city.

Environmental protection & sustainability:

The city council can take measures to protect the environment, such as promoting renewable energies, building the rainwater retention basin opposite the REWE as a measure in the event of heavy rainfall or designing green spaces and parks. These decisions have an impact on environmental quality, air quality, water purity and the safety and quality of life of citizens.

Culture & Leisure

The city council can promote cultural events, museums, libraries, parks and sports facilities. By providing financial support and infrastructure, it creates opportunities for cultural activities such as the Winzerfest or the Kultursommer. The City Council also decides on the maintenance and expansion of seating facilities and the provision of equipment for leisure and sporting activities that enrich the lives of citizens.

Our goals for Nierstein & Schwabsburg

Improving economic prospects

Develop commercial areas for our medium-sized companies to prevent them from moving away. Through professional and moderate urban development and the resulting appropriate measures (e.g. examination of vacant buildings), our "Riesling City" should be strengthened economically and become more attractive.

Family-friendly future

Strong family support is our vision for a vibrant community with a mixed cultural background. Creating more space for young people, a concept to increase the attractiveness of youth facilities in line with demand and transparent information about youth activities on the city's website. Family-friendly building areas, expanding after-school care, optimizing vacation care, improving the range of playgrounds and redesigning the city park are key concerns.

Less congestion, more quality of life: new traffic concept!

We struggle with traffic congestion on a daily basis - this must be reduced through new conceptual approaches. More crosswalks make traffic safer! New parking concepts with more parking spaces! The downgrading of the K 45, Oberdorfstraße/Marktplatz/Rheinstraße opens up new design possibilities: 30 km/h zones, marketplace design and short-term parking spaces. We would like to discuss these together with the citizens and implement them sensibly.

Life on the banks of the Rhine

The relocation of the B9 opens up unimagined design possibilities that need to be planned in the near future. A modern tourist information center, new parking facilities, a continuous Rhine riverside commuter cycle path and a riverside promenade that offers many attractions as a lively boulevard, e.g. a permanent wine bar, sports and play facilities and plenty of space to relax and enjoy.

Tourism promotion is economic promotion!

Our aim is to make the city lively and attractive. We make the diversity and beauty of our homeland tangible for citizens and guests and thus increase the quality of life. Promoting gastronomy and overnight accommodation. Expanding historical tours, a 24-hour tourist information system and a standardized signposting system. More services for cyclists: bike rental with e-bikes, bike repair shops and bike service stations are necessary.

Rhein-Selz-Park - a beacon for the region

The era of standstill at Rhein-Selz-Park is coming to an end - a new data center will give the site outstanding significance. This pioneering development offers opportunities for jobs and apprenticeships. But tasks await, which we will tackle with professional support and active citizen involvement - together we will set the course for a successful Rhein-Selz-Park!

Dear citizens of Nierstein & Schwabsburg,

I wanted to get in touch with you personally today to talk about something important: The upcoming city council elections! As chairman of the CDU city association

It is important to me that you all take part in the election and cast your vote for our candidates. Our city is once again facing major challenges, such as the further development of Rhein-Selz-Park and the B9 tunnel, but we also urgently need to achieve a budget that gives us room for maneuver to invest in our city. It is also imperative that we eliminate the stagnation of recent years and once again actively work towards a better city. This is precisely why it is incredibly important that we have people on the city council who know what they are doing. And hey ... these are the people on our list!


What sets us apart from the other parties?

... well, we're here when you need us!

... we are present, transparent, and we deter

not shy away from breaking new ground!

... we listen, your problems are our problems!


... it is our damned duty to help you and find solutions!

We have people on our list

... with a lot of different expertise and experience!

... who know exactly how to handle the complex

tackling the problems of our city!


So dear people, don't let us down, let's work together to make our city better! Go vote, because your vote counts!


With best regards


Matthias Stubbe

Better to do something for Nierstein and Schwabsburg:

Since 2019, significant improvements have been initiated by the CDU in Nierstein & Schwabsburg:

New lighting:

A previously unlit road between the sports field parking lot and Auto Müller was made safer by installing new streetlights, which offers greater safety for pedestrians in particular.

Redesign of the football pitch:

Thanks to successful efforts, robust and durable soccer goals were purchased, which have now upgraded the quality of the soccer pitch.

Weekly markets in Schwabsburg:

Since May 2021, a weekly market has been held regularly, which not only improves the local supply for citizens, but also serves as a social meeting place, which the chairman of the CDU, Matthias Stubbe, actively organizes.

City of Nierstein in the social media:

The CDU secured the presence of the town of Nierstein on Facebook and Instagram at an early stage and the town uses these channels intensively to present municipal issues transparently.

Improvement of the footpaths:

A sidewalk area from the REWE Zorbach parking lot to Freyburger Allee was specially marked to provide pedestrians with a safe area to walk.

New seating at the Flügelsbach:

The CDU has donated two new benches along the Flügelsbach stream in Schwabsburg to make the connecting path more attractive for many users.

Design of the distribution boxes:

Since 2022, the professional design of post and other distribution boxes has been successfully implemented, beautifying the surroundings and making various motifs popular.

Combating graffiti and stickers:

Active measures were taken to remove large-scale graffiti, such as the redesign of the cab rank at the station as a clear message against vandalism.

Short-term parking in "An der Glöck/Am Dalberger Schloß":

The CDU successfully proposed limiting parking to 4 hours from 8 am to 8 pm in order to ease the traffic and parking situation, especially in the evening, at weekends and on public holidays.

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